Tidal Town Theatre. A collaborative theatre company

The Beetle: A malevolent mystical Beetle looming over a Gothic manor before a full moon.

The Beetle 

A Gothic Comedy Horror!

Not for Kids: 13+

The Liverpool Playhouse studio

Williamson Square

Liverpool L1 1EL

Coming Autumn 2022

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Metamorphosis, mesmerism … and murder — oh my!

An icy storm rises on Victorian London, piercing the night, rattling the filthy windows of the workhouse. The beaten door bursts open and Robert Holt — helpless, downtrodden, and starving — is hurled out on his bony ass!

What started as a very bad day is about to get far, far worse! Cold, hungry, and desperate, at his wits end, helpless, hapless Robert Holt is about to find himself in the thrall of …



Collaboration: our key fundamental principal. We believe in a community of artists and audiences working together to create diverse and, hopefully, magical theatre.

About tidal Town Theatre

I started Tidal Town Theatre in 2018 as an excuse to put on my own theatre shows! As an actress, I know a lot of performers – actors, singers, dancers, and musicians – and a lot of people who are passionate about the arts. What I saw was a dedicated group of people – a real community – of artists and audiences working together to create wonderful experiences – and wonderful memories. Bringing together all of our passion, skill, and love, and riding that wave together from one performance to the next. I realised that when performers and performance-lovers work together, sometimes magical things can happen.

We’re interested in people. In communities. We want to entertain and, hopefully, inspire. We want to tell magical stories. And, more than anything, we want to help make incredible experiences, together.

Edwina Lea

People we work with

Recent Productions

The Crocodile - A Ludicrous Comedy by Tom Basden

Tom Basden’s

The Crocodile

In June 2019, Tidal Town Theatre staged its debut production, The Crocodile, to packed out audiences at Liverpool’s Cornerstone Theatre.

Ivan, a struggling actor, is angry with the world, the Tsar, and the zoo his best friend Zack has brought him to:

“This is what’s stealing my bloody audience! It’s a knife to the nuts bringing me here, it really is…”

Zack feels it’s time for him to move on from acting and get a real job … like making cushions. But, Ivan’s not in it for money or fame; he’s in it for the art!

That is, until he gets up close and personal with a crocodile …

Life’s more fun when you’re inside a crocodile!